Originalūs laikrodžiai

Šiuolaikinio stiliaus laikrodis gali būti su minimaliu detalių skaičiumi, be ratukų, taip pat turėti kitų santūraus minimalistinio dizaino detalių, be didelių šnaždesių ir įvairių dekoracijų. Klasikiniai modeliai taip pat gerai atrodys šiuolaikiniuose, jei interjeras bus kompanionas. Jie geriausiai tinka imperijos, klasicizmo ir neoklasikinių stilių. “Recea” stiliaus laikrodis puikiai tinka ne tik pavadintam interjero stiliui, bet…More

The Most Dubious Undertaking Of The Year

On October 22, Traci Lynn Martin turned into the primary individual to circumnavigate North America’s three biggest lakes in a single season. It was the 223 st day of Martin’s questionable undertaking, an outing that has been a wellspring of much discussion in the ocean kayaking network. The first objective of the outing was to…More

To each room its own clock

Divider tickers ideal for any home and office climate and style From the customary round shape, to angled squares, from capricious to exemplary plan : the universe of timekeepers to hold tight the divider is genuinely limitless. The extraordinary assortment of proposition permits you to think about an alternate clock for each room: then again,…More

Fantasy Islands

Fantasy Islands: Raja Ampat, Indonesia Prepared for experience? We’ve meandered the world’s seas and lakes to assemble this gander at eight of our #1 island get away, from relaxing in the palm trees of the South Pacific to rowing with whales in the Inlet of Fundy and looking at grizzlies in The Frozen North. We’ve…More

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